Put Your Mind at Ease
with Sedation

Do you feel stressed just thinking about your dental appointment? Does the prospect of a dental procedure make you want to run and hide? Believe it or not, these feelings are relatively normal. In some cases, they can be overwhelming. Sedation dentistry exists to address these issues specifically. Dental anxiety, oversensitivity, and more are common issues that can be made easier to handle with sedation treatment during your procedure.


We offer a couple of types of sedation for you to choose from. 

Conscious Sedation:

Conscious sedation comes in the form of a pill. You generally take your medication an hour before the procedure. This method allows you to remain conscious through your procedure, although you may not be able to remember every detail clearly. Oral medications can help you relax, especially during lengthy procedures.

Laughing Gas:

The sedative is mixed with oxygen and administered through a small mask that fits over your nose. You are usually fully conscious during your procedure while feeling more relaxed.


If you have a fear of the dentist, ask about dental sedation! We can discuss the best option for you depending on what treatments you are needing. We will make sure you’re comfortable coming to the dentist. Schedule a consultation today.

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