Full Mouth Rehabilitation

What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation aka a Smile Makeover?

Full mouth rehabilitation can be the answer you’ve been looking for to renew, restore, and revitalize the appearance and function of your smile. Dr. Handley can transform and rehabilitate even the most troublesome dental health issues, such as teeth damaged by significant wear, breakage, or decay. With the use of multiple different restorations such as implants, porcelain crowns, and porcelain veneers, we can restore your mouth to the way it was.

Patients’ motivation for getting a complete mouth rehabilitation is usually twofold: they want to look better and feel better. Missing teeth and oral pain can be a constant drain on your feelings of well-being and may even limit the foods you eat. With a restored smile, we hope that you’ll be able to enjoy many of your favorite foods again. 

Full mouth rehabilitation involves restoring our patients’ teeth, bite, and confidence with complex challenges back to a natural-looking healthy, radiant smile. You deserve to look and feel your best. Call our office today to discover how we can help you today.

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