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Deep Cleaning Periodontal Maintenance in Cypress

Periodontal scaling, or deep cleaning, is a procedure that removes plaque, bacteria, and tartar that’s built up below your gum line. Scaling goes much deeper than the standard dental cleaning you get during your regular checkup. The procedure is only used to treat advanced-stage gum disease. Deep cleanings may be needed more than the normal twice per year general cleaning.

What is Periodontal Maintenance? Periodontal maintenance is often referred to as scaling or root planing. As part of the treatment process for periodontal disease, Dr. Handley might clean below your gums, known as scaling. This is done to remove tartar or calculus. Cleaning below the gumline can prevent further damage and improve the stability of teeth. A local anesthetic may be applied to the affected area, then cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning device and/or a scaling instrument. To restore your tooth roots to their actual shape, our professional team will smooth them down after cleaning. This is what is known as planing, and it can help the gum tissues attach more snuggly to your teeth as they heal.

After Dr. Handley has completed the active phase of periodontal treatment, your periodontal disease will be under control. He will provide you with a personalized maintenance program of care to keep your gums healthy. Maintenance therapy is an ongoing program designed to prevent gum tissue and bone disease supporting your teeth. Adherence to a program of at-home oral care and regularly scheduled maintenance therapy visits with Dr. Handley will give you an excellent chance of keeping your teeth for your lifetime.

Gum disease, which is a bacterial infection, threatens these supporting tissues. That is why we are always on the lookout for early signs that patients may overlook. When signs of trouble become apparent, periodontal maintenance may be suggested. If you need periodontal care, be sure to schedule an appointment today.

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