A Healthy Smile with Retainers

Retainers are small metal or plastic mouthpieces custom-made to fit you or your child’s teeth after orthodontic treatment. Dr. Handley can attach a permanent retainer to the back of your teeth or recommend a removable retainer. Wearing retainers helps prevent teeth from shifting out of their new, proper alignment. Not only that but, wearing a retainer can offer you or your child numerous benefits, including straighter teeth, reduced teeth shifting, non-invasive treatment, reduced teeth grinding, and a reduced risk of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

Retainers are utilized to hold your teeth in their new positions until your bone, gums, and muscles adapt to the new teeth positions. You must wear your retainer as instructed; otherwise, your teeth may shift. Follow at-home care instructions to help prevent food particles, plaque, and bacteria from accumulating on your retainer. Clean it daily using a special cleaning product or toothpaste if he says it’s okay. You can soak your retainer, but don’t place it in hot water. If your retainer is broken or misplaced, be sure to call us to schedule an appointment so that you can maintain a healthy, straighter smile.

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