Why Family Dentistry is Important for Your Household

Hello and welcome to Handley Dental, where we prioritize family dental care, education, and patient comfort to create a positive and lasting relationship with our patients! Handley Dental is conveniently located in Cypress, Texas, where you can find your new Cypress dentists at our location! Our dentists, Dr. Ron Handley and Dr. Katie Chang, and their fantastic staff are devoted to each of our patients here at Handley Dental. 


We pride ourselves in our family dentistry, but do you know why it is necessary? 

With family dentistry, we can help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime for you and your entire family! So, let’s go through six reasons why family dentistry is important for you and your household!

1. Keeping Your Family Smiling

When caring for your family, you always want to ensure everyone’s health and well-being are top priorities. One aspect of health that often gets overlooked or neglected is dental care. However, regular visits to a family dentist can make a difference in maintaining good oral health for everyone in your household. 

2. Catching Problems Early

A significant benefit of family dental care is catching potential dental problems early on. This is especially important for children as their teeth are still developing and may be more prone to cavities and other issues. A family dentist such as Dr. Ron Handley and Dr. Katie Chang can identify problems and provide preventative care to prevent them from worsening. Preventive care can save you money in the long run and avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort for your family.

3. Promoting Good Dental Habits

Another significant advantage of regular dental visits is the promotion of good oral hygiene habits. Dr. Ron Handley and Dr. Katie Chang and their team can advise your family on maintaining good dental hygiene at home, such as brushing and flossing techniques. They can also guide healthy eating and drinking habits to keep your teeth in top shape. By instilling these habits early on, you can help prevent dental problems from occurring in the first place.

4. Increased Convenience

By choosing a family dentist, you can make dental appointments more convenient and less stressful for everyone in your household. You can schedule appointments for multiple family members simultaneously, saving you from making numerous trips to the dentist. Additionally, children may feel more comfortable seeing a dentist they are familiar with and who already knows their dental history and needs.

5. Comprehensive Care

Our family dentistry also includes comprehensive care for all members of your family, from young children to seniors. This means we can care for all your family’s dental needs in one place, including routine check-ups, cleanings, fillings, and crowns. Moreover, if any family member requires specialized care, your family dentist can refer you to a specialist they trust.

6. Building a Relationship

Finally, one of the most significant benefits of family dental care is building a long-lasting relationship with your dentist. Over time, Dr. Ron Handley, Dr. Katie Chang, and their team will get to know your family’s unique dental needs and can tailor their care accordingly. They can also provide personalized recommendations for dental care based on your family’s specific circumstances, such as genetics or lifestyle. With the right family dentist, you can feel secure knowing your family’s dental care is in good hands.

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In summary, family dental care is essential for maintaining good oral health for everyone in your household. By regularly visiting a family dentist like Dr. Ron Handley and Dr. Katie Chang, you can catch dental problems early, promote good oral hygiene habits, make dental appointments more convenient, receive comprehensive care, and build a long-lasting relationship with your dentist. If your family is looking for a friendly and trustworthy dentist in Cypress, TX, look no further than Handley Dental!


Schedule your family’s appointment today and begin your journey toward healthy teeth and gums!

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