How Dental Crowns Can Benefit Your Smile And Your Life

Have you been putting off going to the dentist? Handley Dental is different. We take the time to get to know you and your smile so that we can provide the best possible care. We believe dental health is vital for overall health and are passionate about helping our patients achieve their best smiles. One way we accomplish this is through our dental crown service in Cypress, Texas.

Dr. Ron Handley, Dr. Katy Chang, and their skilled professionals provide gentle, individualized care in a warm and welcoming environment. We ensure that you receive the highest quality care possible so that you’ll be a patient for life. And we offer a variety of services so that we can meet all of your dental needs in one convenient location.

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What is A Dental Crown? 

A crown is a cap-like structure that fits over a damaged or decayed tooth, restoring its shape, size, strength, and appearance. It’s designed to look like a natural tooth and provide long-term protection from further damage or decay. 


The Benefits of Dental Crowns 

A smile is one of the most important features we have in life. Not only does it make us feel great, but it also gives people an opportunity to communicate and connect. That’s why taking care of your teeth is so important. At Handley Dental, we are here to help you do just that with our dental crowns. Here’s a breakdown of how dental crowns can benefit your smile and life.

Dental crowns are beneficial for many reasons, the most obvious being aesthetic. They provide extra strength to the affected tooth and improve its appearance while supporting surrounding teeth. They can be made from various materials such as porcelain, ceramic, gold, or even zirconia, allowing you to choose whatever best suits your needs and budget. 

Dental crowns can also restore function by protecting weak teeth from further decay or damage while ensuring that chewing is comfortable again. They hold a weakened tooth together and prevent bacteria from entering the pulp chamber—a potentially dangerous situation if not treated immediately! Finally, having dental crowns placed can help you avoid more expensive treatments down the road, such as root canals or even extraction in extreme cases. 

Dental crowns are an incredibly durable and reliable solution for restoring a smile. When placed by our experienced team and adequately cared for, these crowns can last many years and keep your teeth protected and looking beautiful. The exact length of time your crown will last depends on many factors like the type of crown used, your lifestyle habits, the materials used during fabrication, and your oral hygiene. For this reason, it is crucial to pay close attention to their placement in the mouth and follow our proper care instructions regularly.

It’s easy to care for your dental crowns – remember that they require the same level of attention as natural teeth! Brush and floss regularly, and make sure to use a soft-bristled brush so that you don’t damage the surface of your crown. Make sure you visit us at least twice a year for an examination and cleaning so we can make sure your crown is in optimal condition. If there is any discomfort or loosening of the crown, let us know so that we can investigate further. With regular care and maintenance, your dental crown should last for years!


Cypress Dental Crowns

At Handley Dental, we believe that everyone should enjoy their smile every day! That’s why we offer quality dental services with patient comfort in mind. If you’re considering getting dental crowns for yourself or someone else in your family–we are here to help! Our experienced team will work with you to determine which type of material best meets your needs and budget before proceeding with treatment options that best suit your lifestyle and health goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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